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Vicki Gilbert

Vicki Gilbert is the director, choreographer and owner of Vicki’s School of Dance. When she opened her doors  in 1977 she was only the age of 17, teaching out of her garage. Vicki has been teaching students from the age of 3 to 70 over the past 43 years. Vicki and her students have performed in many shows, parades and events in the area.  The Senior Dance Company has won numerous awards over the years in dance competitions, parades and performances including the National Dance Competition in Florida. Vicki has had students go on to dance in college, teach at the college level, dance for the Red Claws, and open their own studios.

Because of her love of working with children and the art of dance, she works hard to pass that passion on to them.  She continues to give her students all of her knowledge, love of dance and a positive self-image which she hopes will carry them through life.

This season will be her forty second year in the dance teaching profession. Vicki has always had high expectations for herself as well as her students, and will continue to strive towards dance excellence.

Tap, Jazz, and Ballet Instructor

Shanay Gilbert

Shanay has been a member of the staff teaching the Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre and Technique classes for the past 6 years.  Shanay has been dancing since the age of 2 with Vicki. While dancing at Vicki's School of Dance she was on the Senior Dance Society, was an assistant teacher, performed in numerous shows and musicals, performed at the Portland Pirates, has taken dance classes with the Rockettes, and competed in numerous dance competitions where she won over twenty competition titles. Gilbert recently graduated from the University of Maine where she majored in Kinesiology and Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science, and a minor in Dance. While at UMaine she took classes in the styles of Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Modern, Ballroom, and Choreography as well as taken workshops with dance companies such as Alvin Ailey, and Body Traffic. There is never a time you will not find her dancing. Dance is her passion and she one day plans on following in her mothers footsteps by taking over more classes at the studio, and will eventually one day own the studio when Vicki decides to retire. 

Contemporary, Hip-Hop & Musical Theatre Instructor

Christina Gardner

Christina has been teaching ballet and pointe at the studio for over 17 years.  Her love of ballet is shown through the joy you see while she is working with the dancers.  She went to college in Florida and was on the college dance and cheering squads.  She has performed at Disney World in Florida as well as numerous other places with her college squad.  When not working at the studio she is a full time kindergarten teacher.

Ballet and Pointe Instructor

Ellie Stebbins

Ellie has been working at the studio for over 18 years.  Ellie was a member of the dance company and has won awards with the dancers at competitions over the years dancing.  She danced at Stonehill College and when not working at the studio she is a teacher at Winthrop Elementary School.

Studio Assistant

Alison Dyer

Alison has been with the studio for over 17 years.  She was a member of the dance company for 7 years and competed at numerous competitons during her time on the Dance Society.  Her daughter is now a dancer at Vicki's and when not working with the little ones she works for the State of Maine.

Studio Assistant

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