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Spring Recital Details

Date: TBD


Recital FAQ's

Why is there a end of year Recital?


  • Recitals allow students a performance opportunity where they can showcase their classroom work. Recitals motivate students to work towards a goal and instill a sense of teamwork, pride and accomplishment!​



Do students have to perform in a year-end Recital?

  • Students are not required to perform in the recital, yet will get the same attention and knowledge as the rest of the class.

Is the Recital at the same location each year?

  • Pre Covid, all of our year end recitals were held at Cony High School. It is our hope to be back in our home location again this year.

What is covered with the price of admission?

  • The price of admission covers the theatre rental, programs, sound, lighting and stage technicians. Ticket prices also cover administrative costs related to ticket printing, and the dress rehearsal.

Are the Recital shows different from each other? How many times does my child’s class have to perform on recital day?

  • The recitals the same show with the exception of some special numbers only performing in one or the other show. Classes typically perform in both shows depending on age and level.  We do this so we can get all siblings and students with multiple classes in the same show.  Most families love having their child perform more than once! Our shows normally last no longer than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Why is there more than one Recital?

  • The number of recitals is directly related to theatre size and the time the dancers have dedicate to their routines over the last 8 months. Two shows gives them double the opportunity to show off everything they have learned. We offer unlimited tickets for each family to purchase, so in order to accommodate everyone who would like to see the show, we offer two shows to give ample opportunity to see it.



Do I have to pay for admission to both Recitals?


  • Admission is required for anyone wishing to sit in the audience for each recital, since the ticket price covers the cost of staging the recital. Parents may volunteer as an alternative to watching both recitals from the audience.


  • Each year Encore requires a number of volunteers to assist with monitoring students. Volunteers will be backstage with their class until they need to be at the "line up area". After dropping them off, they can run out to the audience to watch their class. 




Will Vicki's dancers be able to see the show?

  • Dancers grades 3rd and up are required to stay backstage during the duration of the show. This is so they don't miss one of their dance numbers, and so they do not take up seats in the auditorium. Dancers grades 2nd and below may purchase a student ticket and join their family in the audience after all of their numbers have been performed.



Is the dress rehearsal mandatory?

  • Yes, the dress rehearsal is mandatory, since it helps students to be better prepared for recital day. This helps them get used to the stage, lighting and practice in their full costume. 


How do I know what tights, shoes and accessories are required for Recital?


  • Each dancer will receive one free pair of tights for recital. All accessories are included with their costume so no need to go stress on what to buy. Shoes are as follows: Tan tap shows, black jazz shoes and hip hop sneakers, Pink Ballet slippers.

If there a specific hairstyle and makeup for Recital?

  • There is no specific hairstyle for classes other than to have it up and out of your dancers face. This could mean in a bun, braids, pony tail or half pony tail. Some dances may have specific styles per the teachers request. Dancers are encouraged to wear some natural stage makeup. Nothing too crazy or distracting.


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