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 Guidelines & Class Information 

Class Attire:

Ballet/Tap Combo Class: Tights, leotard, and option of ballet skirt/dance

shorts. (Can wear a dance dress)

Ballet (Grades K-12): Leotard and tights (required)

Jazz (Grades K-12): Tights, leotard, and dance shorts

Tap (Grades K-12) Tights, leotard, and option of skirt/dance shorts

Hip-Hop (Grades 3-12): Can pair jogger pants/hip hop pants over leotard. Can also add dance tank over leotard. 

Contemporary (Grades 5-12): Leotard and tights (required) 

Musical Theatre (Grades 5-12): Tights, leotard, and dance shorts or leggings with leotard


Hair must be pulled back into a bun or pony tail

Proper dance attire is required for all classes. Girls should be in leotards and tights of any color. No baggy shirts, pants, shorts or jeans. Athletic wear does not count as dance attire. Must be dance wear. Boys can wear t-shirts with sweat pants or shorts. 

Ballet: Pink Ballet slippers (girls), Black Ballet slippers (boys)
Tap: Tan Tap shoes (girls), Black Tap shoes (boys)
Jazz: Black Jazz shoes
Hip-hop: Black Hip-Hop sneakers or Jazz Shoes 
Pointe: students should come in ballet slippers until Miss Christina tells you to get pointe shoes.

Contemporary: Tan foot undies

Musical Theatre: Black Jazz Shoes (unless otherwise specified) 

Class Pricing & Payments:

The monthly tuition is as follows:

30 minutes class is $40

45 minutes class is $50

60 minute class is $60 

60+ minute class $65


Payment is due the first of each month for that month. After one week has passed without getting a payment, it is considered late and there will be a $10 late fee added to your total. There is a $20.00 fee for all returned checks.  If you need to drop off payment for class or costumes there is a locked mailbox on the side of the building next to the door that you can place the envelope in. Payment must be made by cash or check. Credit cards can be used but will be charged an additional 3% processing fee. 

Please label all of your childs' dance attire. When shoes are left behind I have no idea whom they belong to. If the name is in them I can set them aside and make sure you get them back at the next class.

If you are parking in the driveway, please pull all the way in.  Parking is limited so use every space available. Storm cancellations will be made by 3:00 of the day of the storm. It will be announced on 92 Moose and WABK along with Channel 6 news and I will also post it on the website and our facebook page. You can also call the studio and I will have it on the answering machine.


Allergy Policy: 

At the studio we have a few allergies that everyone should be aware of including peanuts, and pineapple. For this reason, we do not allow peanuts, tree nuts, seeds (sunflower, flax, sesame, etc.) and pineapple or any products that could possibly contain these foods into the studio for safety reasons. Please let me know if your dancer has an allergy or any other health concerns.

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